Sorry Djokovic! His umpteenth loss of roles before the passivity of the chair

If during the semifinal with Zverev the Serbian was already unhinged, against the Spaniard he behaved even worse, constantly losing his nerves. The world number one showed his worst behavior precisely when he had gotten into the game, sending it to the third set.

Despite the fact that he carried out two regrettable actions in a row, the chair umpire did not act accordingly, sanctioning the Serbian forcefully to the incredulity of Pablo Carreño and the Spanish captain, Sergi Brugera.

Tokyo 2020 Men

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We must not forget that the Belgrade tennis player is a repeat offender in this type of behavior and already starred in the past US Open 2020 in a very controversial episode precisely against Pablo Carreño that cost him disqualification by throwing a ball at one of the lines.

Tokyo 2020 Men

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Tokyo 2020 Men

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