Soriana tries to sell combos like in the movies, but the answer is unexpected

Soriana implements a different way of promoting its offers at El Buen Fin, although the consumer cannot understand it.

The retailer has more than 777 self-service stores and 35 Price Clubs in Mexico.

Consumers are considering purchasing electronics and fashion items, especially home-related appliances this year.

Soriana, wise. According to an analysis of Lino and Kantar, there would be an increase in consumption in the clothing area with 90 percent online, with blouses, shirts and pants being the most popular products. Meanwhile, more than 80 percent bought at least once last year some type of children’s item, and 60 percent purchased technology products such as smartphones, smart TVs, and laptops.

According to a study carried out by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), Mexicans consider acquiring electronic and fashion items, especially home appliances and related to the home during this edition.

The Good End is a huge opportunity especially for this type of article, so companies from all industries take everything they have to give, especially in these last days of offers, since the 2020 edition is about to end.

Among so many strategies, Soriana He wanted to try a very attractive idea, to form combos with household appliances, complementary product packages that work so much in retail, but that in El Buen Fin have not had the expected effect.

In your account Facebook Officially, the firm put together combos in the style of the cinema, with washers, refrigerators, dryers, but it seems that its customers did not understand the concept and asked the price separately, eliminating the strategy from their first attempts.

The strategy is positive in the sense that the company is not afraid to experiment with different ways of offering its products to the consumer and that when noticing that there was no correct understanding of its exercise, they corrected the way, directing their offers to other strategies promotional.

Facebook: Soriana

Given this, the retailer continued in the following posts by placing its catalog of offers in digital, a strategy that predominates in this year’s edition and that has had a positive effect among brands and to show how wise it has also been for Bodega Aurrera, with the example we set a few days ago, when the store shared the offer of a screen and that generated an impact on its sales due to the recommendation of word of mouth by its customers.

In both cases, social networks have been positive and a sideboard that brings the consumer closer to the products they offer, perfectly.

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