May 26, 2020 | 6:50 pm

Soriana expelled Pedro Luis Martín Bringas from his Board of Directors of the company just a few weeks after the publication of a video in which the businessman said he had agreed to lead the National AntiAMLO Front, called FRENAAA.

The supermarket chain notified the Mexican Stock Exchange of the removal of Martín Bringas from his position as alternate director, after an extraordinary session. Although he did not explain the reasons for his decision.

We thank Mr. Pedro Luis for the many years of cooperation and participation in the Board of Directors of our organization through which he contributed to strengthening the company’s strategy and growth.


In early May, a video was circulated in which Martín Bringas takes over as leader of FRENAAA, an organization that “wishes to act now,” to remove the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador from office, according to the movement’s website. .

In the video, the now exactionist from Soriana assures that FRENAAA. It is a public movement, made up of people from all “social races” (sic) and sectors of the country.

“Just as the coronavirus did not respect the rich, the poor, the students, or the professionals, we want Frenaaa to be the trigger for Mr. López Obrador to go home before December 1,” said the businessman.

Within hours of being published, Soriana distanced himself from the businessman’s words, to distance his institutional position.

“The video was made in his own personal capacity by Mr. Pedro Luis Martín Bringas and does not represent, in any sense, the opinion of the Soriana Organization. The recording is not related to the company, nor does it represent partisan interest, ”the company explained in a statement sent to investors.

It is not the first time that Martín Bringas has made his personal position regarding a political issue known. One month after the last presidential elections, in which López Obrador was elected, Martín Bringas gave his open support to the former candidate for the National Action Party, Ricardo Anaya.

The businessman is not the only one involved in FRENAAA. The initiative also involves public figures such as the New Orleans activist, Gilberto Lozano, the conductor Pedro Ferriz de Con, the journalist Rafael Loret de Mola and the adviser Juan Bosco Abascal. Its main objective is the removal of López Obrador “before November 30”.