Sophie Turner debuts small and significant tattoo, in honor of her daughter

Sophie Turner debuts small and significant tattoo, in honor of her daughter (INSTAGRAM)

Sophie Turner debuts a small and significant tattoo in honor of her daughter | INSTAGRAM

Although for a few years, there are already techniques to erase them if one day you regret them, getting a tattoo is still a very important decision like to take it lightly.

Therefore, it is best to follow the great example of the renowned and talented British actress, Sophie Turner, who only decorates her skin with motifs that really mean a lot to her.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that the beautiful young momShe already has several, some of them are the ones with whom she is dedicated to remembering her passage through “Game of Thrones”, some others tell her love story with her now husband and father of her little girl, Joe Jonas.

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Well, now, this last topic that we touch, is precisely the last tattoo What has been done, we can even say that this will be the only one that we know with certainty that it will never be erased, because it is a tender tribute to Willa, his first daughter.

Although, the marriage has been very discreet in everything related to the arrival of the little baby, since Willa was born, it seems that they no longer care so much to share with their fans some details about how both interpreters are having these months of first-time motherhood as a couple.

This new stage in their lives has obviously marked an emblematic before and after, so much so that Turner wanted to pay tribute to his daughter by tattooing a small “W” on her wrist, Willa’s initial in the company of a “J”, for done, right below her.

Although for many people it seems like a gesture without any more transcendence, in reality it is a great advance in terms of communication with their admirers, especially if we compare it with the information blackout he subjected us to during the months in which the actress remained pregnant, enjoying the ups and downs that this situation merits.

Weeks and weeks were in which both Joe and Sophie decided not to show any photos of their condition to confirm the good news as much as the media took it for granted, and in fact, it was only after Willa was born that Turner finally dared to publish some unpublished images taken at her house in which we could finally see her showing off her beautiful and tender belly.

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Of course, something that we also take for granted, is that to see the little girl’s face it seems that we will still have to wait a long time, yes, it is that they sometimes show it, because there have been many cases of artists who prefer to have this matter in total anonymity, as a way to ensure integrity and safeguard her young children, this is totally understandable, since exposing her to social networks is still a red line that the marriage does not seem willing to cross at the moment.

In fact, now that we are remembering, it was not even they who have officially commented something about the birth of the baby, they have not given themselves the task of revealing even the specific day on which Willa was born, we all found out about the event Due to fans discovering that the actress was wearing a necklace with the date engraved on it, that’s when we knew for sure: July 22.

Basically we only have to wait a few more months, for the date of the little girl’s birthday to come closer, then we will see if the couple decides that the world is ready or it is worth appreciating what we know well, the beautiful face of their little girl.