The couple is very excited about their first daughter (Photo: . / Mike Blake) (MIKE BLAKE /)

Actors Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas they got a new role in the last days: serving as parents. Last Wednesday, July 22, the couple welcomed a little girl into the world.

This information was confirmed by the couple’s representatives last Monday in a statement to various media and, according to the entertainment portal TMZ, the the little girl’s name is Willa.

« Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are delighted to announce the birth of their baby ”, the representatives announced.

Now, according to a source, both the protagonist of « Game Of Thrones » and the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers are « very excited to have become parents » So much so, that the couple He has taken every moment to take pictures and « send them to friends », and even they make video calls for « show off the baby« 

The couple never confirmed the news of a pregnancy (Photo: The Grosby Group)

“They are at home and settling down. Joe is very practical and involved, he wants to do everything he can and he loves being with the baby and helping Sophie […] everyone is excited for them, ”he explained to E! News.

For now, fans of the interpreter of Sansa Stark could not help but see the coincidence between the name of the newborn, and some of the fantasy series characters (both on television and in books).

Name « Wylla appeared in the first book in the series, when Ned Stark told Jon Snow that that was the name of his supposed mother.

While on the show there was two characters with the name of « Willa » The first appeared in the fifth season and was a girl who was part of the Free People. While the second was a servant for the Stark House in Winterfell.

Fans of the series did not take long to notice the coincidence of names (Photo: Shutterstock) (HBO / BSkyB / Kobal / Shutterstock /)

Although it is not known if the new parents chose the name because of its connection to the show, the traditional meaning may also be a good reason to call it that. The name has origins in ancient German culture, which translates as « protective helmet » or « purposeful protection ».

The rumors of Turner’s alleged pregnancy had started ringing earlier this year and, although the couple never confirmed it publicly, the images of the actress with an advanced pregnancy made it clear that they were expecting their first child.

The couple got engaged in October 2017 and married on May 1 in Las VegaYes, in a surprise wedding after the delivery of the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. And, almost two months later, in a romantic religious ceremony in the south of France, in which they were surrounded by family and friends. Among them were celebrities such as Maisie Williams, her cast partner in the series and who was one of her bridesmaids, Priyanka Chopra, wife of Nick Jonas, and model Ashley Graham.

Joe and Sophie got engaged in 2017 (Photo: File)

The small Willa is the third baby born to a member of the sibling gang. Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Jonas had their daughters Alena and Valentina in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

Their romance began in 2016, after they were introduced by a mutual friend and after that they kept in touch through Instagram. Initially, celebrities tried to keep their relationship out of the public eye. It was in January 2017 when Turner posted a picture of the musician on his Instagram accountThis fact was taken as a definitive confirmation of the relationship.


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