Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner and pop star Joe Jonas have just been parents of a girl to which they have decided to put a name that will ring a bell, and a lot to the followers of ‘Game of Thrones’. And is that the girl Her name is Willa, as one of the characters in the series that launched the actress into stardom.. And although the parents have not yet confirmed the name of their daughter, they have quickly turned to social networks to celebrate the happy news.

Willa is a supporting character that appears in the last season of the series. A young woman who Serve Sansa Stark in Winterfell and that he has a memorable relationship with Tormund. According to TMZ reports, the couple has chosen this name for their baby, which also means ‘protection’ in German.

Regardless if this is the real name of their daughter, fans have quickly made the connection to ‘Game of Thrones’, and based on memes and congratulations, they wanted to congratulate the happy couple, both for the birth and for the successful one Name.

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With phrases like « a new prince in the North » or « good news for Winterfell », these are some of the best comments seen on the networks.  » Sansa Stark gave birth to her baby girl, first of her name, Guardian of the North, Willa Jones« wrote a fan as a poem on Twitter.

The young couple announced the birth of their first daughter last week, although they did not reveal the name of the little girl. « Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are delighted to announce the birth of their baby, » a representative for both said in a statement to People and other media.

Both of them have been together since October 2017, and being husband and wife since 2019.