Sophia Loren returns to the screens, with music by Laura Pausini

After a decade of absence from the screens, the twice Oscar-winning actress Sophia loren returns with a film as emotional as it is endearing entitled The Life Ahead. But it does not do it alone, because this new Netflix film project has been accompanied by the voice of the Italian singer and Grammy winner Laura Pausini, who this time interprets the theme “Io Sì”.

The song “Io Sì” is co-written by Laura Pausini and the eleven-time Academy Award nominee Diane warren. During an interview with Variety, Laura Pausini was extremely flattered and excited to be able to collaborate musically on Life Before Yes, and did not hesitate to show admiration for the return of Sophia Loren to the cinema, whom she has known for several years.

«This song moved me from the first time I heard it. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with Diane Warren. We met many years ago, but we were right to choose this particular moment for our first collaboration. I admire her a lot and when she called me to propose the song, I understood that the time had finally come for our careers to coincide. I’m so excited to see Sophia on screen again. I appreciate your generosity in interpreting a very intense Italian story, with an important social cause that, unfortunately, still exists. Edoardo Ponti sent me the film in advance this summer and told me that he wanted my voice so badly to carry the message of the film to the whole world and I was so flattered, ”said Pausini.

Laura Pausini The Life Ahead

Through an audiovisual that the Italian singer uploaded to her social networks, she also explained how the project knocked on her doors:

It is important to note that the song “Io Sì” looks like a strong contender to seek an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Original Song at the next ceremony to be held on April 25, 2021. Also, Sophia Loren would seek another nomination in the category of Best Actress (via Variety).

What is it about?

Life Before You is a film directed by Edoardo Ponti, son of Sophia Loren. The film is set on the coast of Italy where Madame Rose (Loren), a Holocaust survivor, takes in a Senegalese Muslim boy named Momo (Ibrahima Gueye) who robbed her and lives on the street.


The film stars Sophia Loren, an icon of Italian and world cinema, who is accompanied by the young actor Ibrahima Gueye. The cast is completed by the performances of Renato Carpentieri, Francesco Cassano, Babak Karimi, among others.

Release date

Life before it released the past November 13, 2020 through Netflix screens. It should be added that on the famous site Rotten Tomatoes, the film has garnered very good reviews from critics who have given it 93% approval, while the public has also been benevolent by granting it 80% approval.

Music video

The Life Ahead is also accompanied by the official music video of “Io Sì”, which was also directed by Edoardo Ponti and that intersperses scenes from the feature film, as well as close-ups of Laura Pausini, who is accompanied by a group of women of different nationalities to give voice (from lip synchronization) to the theme of such an emotional way and even between tears. Notably, Sophia Loren also makes an appearance at the end of the music video.


“Io Sì” Not only does it boast its version in Italian, but Laura Pausini also interprets the song in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Below, you can enjoy the song in its 5 different languages:


SPANISH: «I do».

ENGLISH: «Seen».

FRENCH: «Moi sì».


Official poster

The Life Ahead Sophia Loren Laura Pausini


The Life Ahead Sophia Loren

The Life Ahead Sophia Loren Laura Pausini

Life before her Laura Pausini Sophia Loren

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