soon you will be able to use the “Read later” function

WhatsApp will soon receive an update that will serve many of us, especially when we need a moment of tranquility.

If you have used WhatsApp, you surely know what it is like to have to receive an impressive amount of messages in such a way that sometimes it becomes desperate, especially if those messages are linked to work or school and you just want to rest.

Thinking about that, WhatsApp will update its service to grant an option that will let us rest easy without any effort..

Read later

The new function that will be included in the most famous messaging application in the world It will be called « Read Later » and as its name indicates, it gives us the option to read the conversations as soon as we decide.

This would replace the « Archived Chats » function. so we would stop seeing that function as soon as version of the app on iOS reaches us.

This is how you confirm it the specialized website WABetaInfo.

« WhatsApp is working in a replacement for « Archived Chats » called « Read Later », available to everyone in a free update. « 

The way it works is really simple, as it is part of Vacation Mode. That is, it gives you the option to save chats in the « Read later » section until you decide to remove the chat from there. All the conversations that are inside, they will stop launching notifications even when many messages arrive, so it is like a type of soft block that can be reversed whenever you want.

This option is currently available for Beta users of the app on iOS, so if you are part of this program then you can start using it.

Unfortunately, if you are not a Beta user currently, you will have to wait for a future that we do not know yet, because the applications to enter the beta are closed without further ado.