soon you will be able to make video calls within the game

Fortnite will be updated with something that many will love but that no one had really expected could come: video calls.

Fortnite has really managed to position itself not only as a game where millions of players get together to have a good time, but it is becoming more and more a platform in itself, which offers different experiences, mainly film exhibitions and concerts by world-renowned artists.

Now they go for something else

The fact that Fortnite is becoming a platform more than a game is confirmed by the following announcement, which confirms that the Battle Royal of Epic will receive an update that will allow you to make video calls with other Fortnite users.

This will only be available at the beginning for those who play Fortnite on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but obviously it’s going to require using a camera for this to work properly. It is not known when this feature will reach other consoles or how it will work.

The way this update will work is through an app called Houseparty, which was recently acquired by Epic and relies entirely on video calling. To be able to make video calls (which can also be group calls) You will simply need to connect your Epic account to the app itself and once this is synced then you can start making calls with your friends within Fortnite.

Once connected with your friends by video, you will be able to see their faces on your screen in the game to be able to communicate in a much more direct way than before.

This can be done with up to ten people at the same time, so you will have a lot of freedom to invite many of your friends to be able to play Fortnite together in a way that we had never imagined before.

The release date of this has not been confirmed yet or if it will be implemented in other games, but we will let you know everything as soon as we have more information.