Streaming services like Netflix, Disney + or Apple TV + may soon face a big competitor: Google. Google does not offer a subscription service to watch unlimited movies and series. On the other hand, via Google Play Movies, the Mountain View company already offers a platform that is based on a rental system. And according to an article on the XDA site, Google Play Movies may soon offer films that the user can watch for free, provided that he agrees to watch some advertisements.

If for the moment, Google has not officially mentioned this project, XDA indicates that elements in the code version v4.18.37 of the Google Play Movies application on Android refer to this functionality. For example, there would be a string that seems to invite the user to watch content, but with ads. Another channel says, “Hundreds of movies, just a few commercials. “

Faced with the proliferation of streaming services for films and series, will Google try to overturn the economic model of Google Play Movies? It seems likely. Besides, on YouTube, Google has already tried to offer films that are accessible for free, but with advertisements. But of course, as long as Google does not officially announce this novelty for Google Play Movies, all information concerning this project should be considered with extreme caution.

Advertising, a source of revenue Netflix doesn’t want to hear about

In any case, if Google launches this option which would allow to watch films for free, but with advertisements, that would relaunch the debate concerning advertisements on Netflix. Indeed, some people think that to generate additional income, or to attract new subscribers, Netflix should adopt a hybrid model that combines the paid subscription system with advertising.

But the VOD giant has always denied rumors that it could one day display advertisements. Yet it is a model that has already proven itself in the United States. In the country of Uncle Sam, the Hulu platform, a competitor of Netflix, gives users the choice between an offer at 11.9 dollars without ads, and a cheaper offer, at 5.99 dollars, but with ads .