In the casting of the new season of “Moms and Famous”, Julia Paredes confided in our colleagues from Purepeople. The young mother mentions in particular her relationship with her ex, Maxime … and her desire to expand her family!

It was in January 2020. Julia Paredes announced that she had had another miscarriage. Then three months pregnant, she had lost her baby who was the fruit of her relationship with her daughter’s father, Maxime.

“To believe that the” happy end “is not for me”

It was on Instagram that she announced the sad news, via a moving post. Indeed, the candidate of reality TV confided in particular at the time:

I was three months pregnant until today, Maxime and I were going to announce it to you soon (although separated). I had a miscarriage again. I know it happens to a lot but it’s very hard to take. I hope you will understand my upcoming absence. To believe that the “happy end” is not for me …

Julia Paredes back in “Moms and Famous”

A painful ordeal for Julia Paredes and her ex, that the faithful of Moms and famous will discover in the next season of the show, which will begin on August 17.

Asked by our colleagues from Purepeople, the young mother confessed:

It would have been difficult if the broadcast had been close. I had my miscarriage in January, so there I think I learned to live with it. It was my second, I had done one in July as well (…) In the show, we’ll see how I managed to move forward.

A second baby? “I would prefer it to be with Maxime”

Suffering from endometriosis, Julia Paredes however wishes to give a little brother or a little sister to her daughter Luna. The young woman specifies:

I also hope to have a second baby when I have a stable relationship. If it’s with Maxime so much the better, if it’s with someone else it will be with someone else. But I would prefer it to be with Maxime. I let it come.

Complicated confinement …

Now separated, Julia Paredes and Maxime have experienced a checkered relationship.

Besides, the two ex lovebirds did not hesitate to live under the same roof during confinement. But the young mother does not hide it, the cohabitation was not easy:

When we are too together, the bad sides reappear. We don’t have the same vision for education, so he just has to tell me too many times not to do something with Luna for us to argue. As we disagreed too much at one point, and he had to go back to work, he went home. Afterwards, we’re still on good terms, there had never been any big problems.

Julia Paredes and Maxime where are they?

But what about today their relationship ? Julia Paredes confides:

It’s less tense. After that, our relationship has always been a roller coaster. Suddenly it’s okay, another no, but we can’t stop talking to each other. We don’t really know where we’re going.

Moreover, when we ask him if there is still something between her and her ex, Luna’s mom replies:

Maybe, to dig (laughs)

Anyway, his priority today remains only his daughter Luna. Mom above all, Julia Paredes wants only one thing: to offer the best to her daughter and allow her to build a bright future!