Sony sees no problem with the PS5’s internal storage

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 11/17/2020 4:41 pm

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One of the biggest criticisms the Playstation 5 it has to do with your limited storage space. In case you don’t know, this new console only has 665GB of free space available, and certain games, such as Black ops cold war for example, they can occupy up to 150GB. This has caused users to quickly fill up all available space, but apparently Sony doesn’t think this is a problem.

In interview for The Telegraph, Jim Ryan, CEO of SIE, He suggested that he doesn’t understand why there is such a stir with this:

“We have had no complaints about this. Obviously we will see what happens as people receive their console and start using it. I think we’ll be fine. Obviously we can monitor HDD usage on PS4 and based on what we saw and analyzed, everything is going to be fine. “

The comment of Ryan It is certainly interesting, as it suggests that the company has access to how users are using the space of the external hard drives of PS4. And based on what they were able to analyze, 665GB that has the PS5 they will not be a problem.


Source: The Telegraph

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