Sony reveals two new DualSense controllers: black and red

Until now, the only official DualSense available to PS5 players was the color controller in white, blue and black, which accompanied the basic aesthetics of the console. Now finally, after having imagined how both console and controller would be in their most classic black version, it seems that Sony itself has finally presented two new variants of the DualSense, with the colors Midnight Black and Cosmic Red.

As Sony has posted on its blog, these colors come inspired by the night sky and space, with a black that seeks to “reflect how we see space through the night sky”, and a deep red that was “inspired by unique vivid tones found throughout the cosmos. For our part, although in a less poetic way, we also want to review these colors.

Starting with Midnight Black, as its name suggests, we finally find ourselves with a completely black controller. Although it is not a uniform color, using two tones that vary from a black similar to that of the DualShock to highlight the rubber and grip part and the trackpad, and a slightly lighter or gray tone in the rest of the body. And it is that in fact this grayish body will be common for the Cosmic Red, which will only see decorations in a bright red remaining surfaces and buttons outside of this area.

Thus, this makes us think that all DualSense controls, except for special editions such as the already advanced gold control, will share this central black design. Something that could be related to the also seen ability to replace the case of the PS5, which would maintain this same pattern of the controls.

And it is that “apparently without reasons”, we already saw how Sony took legal action to prevent other companies from marketing these custom cases, which could imply the arrival of new accessories from the brand in the near future.

Currently these two drivers are already available through the official Sony website, under the notice of upcoming availability. for the month of June In our country. Although as we can see in the American Amazon store, the Midnight Black controller will maintain the same price of 69.99 euros of the original color; while the Cosmic Red DualSense will see a slight increase up to 75 euros.

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