A label that will accompany the company’s productions both in video games and in the rest of its products.

InPlayStationthey take their time with the announcement of PlayStation 5. While many wait for a presentation event of the console as May water, although the insiders sit for it in mid-June, the Japanese company has decided to make another different announcement in the face ofthe new generation. Now, and as Microsoft did with Xbox Game Studios,all games coming from first-party studiosSony will be encompassed within a single brand:PlayStation Studios.

Withthis trailer worthy of Marveland its cinematic universe, the Japanese company offers the first look at its brandPlayStation Studios. It’s about the inlet,the introduction that will be present in all exclusive gamesfrom PlayStation as of the launch of PS5, which means that it will not be present in titles like The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima or the launch on PC of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Speaking to the Games Industry, Eric Lempel, Head of Global Marketing for SIE, comments: “In recent years, and even the last decade,the level of games coming out of our studioshas been stronger than ever. We have thought about how to unite all these great games under the same brand, and the purpose of it ismake the consumerunderstand that when you see this brandprepare for a deep, solid and innovative experienceas expected from games coming out of PlayStation. “

We believe it is a great way to let consumers know that if they see it, they will have the quality they expect from us. Eric LempelAs explained by the Sony executive, this introduction will apply to both the company’s exclusive games and“in a lot of different places”, so we may see it in products like the Uncharted movie. And there will be variations over time, depending on the product, for the sake ofcreate a brand image that connects with the user. “What we really wanted to do was create a way to bring the consumer into our world. When they play our titles, this is the nice piece[el vdeo]that takes place, and thenyou are transported to an adventure of detailed worlds, truly engaging old characters and stories. “

So you already know. Hereinafter,Sony exclusivesThey will come with the PlayStation Studios label. As we have mentioned before, this seal and this introductionwill start to apply from PS5, both in the titles of their own studies and in those of third parties that are exclusive and edited by Sony. Now all that remains is for Sony to give us what we all hope for, and fully present its new generation console. But until then, here you play the latest trailer for The Last of Us 2, and a comparison with the benefits of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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