Sony officially announces black DualSense for PS5

Since the introduction of the PS5, fans have been quick to create alternative designs for the colors of the console. In your ad, many did not like white excessively, since we came from previous totally black generations.

For this reason, many users began to imagine what the totally black PS5 would be like, and the same, with the controller. Along the way, skins, plates, vinyls and personalized paintings, all with the aim of make the PS5 a black console.

However, it seems that Sony is going to keep the white of the console for now (we will see if there will be more models in the future or not), but it has announced two new colors for the PS5 controller, DualSense, which will arrive soon in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. Or what is the same, midnight black and cosmic red.

Black DualSense is coming next month

In the case of the remote, it is a constant request by many users. The white color is very pretty, yes, but the truth is that it is also very dirtyor. For the console it is not a problem, but for the white controller it accumulates a lot of dirt in each session of the game, and you have to constantly clean it.

Although the black or red color will not solve this, it will make the dirt less visible, similar to what happened with the black colors of the previous DualShock compared to its gray version.

The DualSense Midnight Black and Cosmic Red will be available for purchase from next month, as confirmed by Sony officially on its blog. They are not random colors, as Sony has chosen them very specifically for the first post PS5 release:

Our goal is to always find designs that surprise and appeal to our fans, and these new colors are the result of an extensive selection process. We wanted the new controller colors to complement each other, as well as the original DualSense wireless controller and the PS5 console, so we designed the colors around the ‘galaxy’ theme as it felt like a natural progression from the original PS5 designs and accessories.

Leo Cardoso, Sony’s design team.

You will be able to get an official black or red DualSense from next week, but availability, as Sony points out, will depend on the country and the chosen retailer.

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