If you are going to buy the PS5 console, you need a 4K TV. Sony makes it easy with its new Sony Bravia series ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’.

Unlike the competition, Sony has a double interest in selling consoles. Not only for the consoles themselves, but also to increase the sales of their televisions. The PlayStation 5 has been designed to work at 4K resolution, and although it will also do so at 1080p, you will only benefit from it if you have a 4K television. To help you decide Sony has unveiled its new line of Sony Bravia Ready for PlayStation 5 TVs.

It is a series of models that are ready to get the most out of the console. They don’t do anything too special, but they do guarantee that we are going to get the most out of the graphic quality and the gaming experience that the PS5 console will offer.

One of these models, the Sony Bravia XH90 is already on sale, and will add the seal Ready for PlayStation 5 with a firmware update. If you want to know everything about this television, read our analysis on this card:

The segment of the high-end LCD LED LCD TVs is one of the most competitive but the Sony XH90 comes very well equipped for the battle. We show you everything it offers in this review.

Basically what the seal guarantees Ready for PlayStation 5 is that the TV can show images at 4K and 120 fps with low latency.

Specifically, the Sony xh90 will play back images with 4K resolution at 120 fps with a latency of only 7.2 ms. The less latency the screen has, the lower the delay between the actions we do with the gamepad, and that those actions are shown on TV.

Other Ready for PlayStation 5 TV confirmed is the Sony zh8, a model with 8K resolution that also plays 4K at 120 fps with low latency. Although in this case Sony has not given figures.

Another feature of this range prepared for the PS5 is the BRAVIA Game Mode, which automatically activates low latency. It will also allow both the TV and the console to be turned on at the same time with the DualSense wireless controller, and control the PS5 using only the TV remote control.

Of course, other brands and models of televisions will also work perfectly with the PS5, without the need for a seal. Ready for PlayStation 5.