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Although we have already seen the first games of the new generation, we still do not know the full potential that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will offer. Since Microsoft introduced its system, it has made clear that its console will perform well in terms of resolution and rate. frames per second.

By contrast, Sony has not revealed many details about the technical performance of the games on PlayStation 5. After the reveal of the console and its games, the company updated the official site of its system.

Thanks to this, some of the functions that PlayStation 5 will have were detailed and information was given on how the games will take advantage of all the power of the new console.

Sony flaunted the features and technology of PS5

According to Sony, PlayStation 5 will feature custom CPUs, GPUs, and SSDs that « will rewrite the rules of what a PlayStation console can do. » The information once again highlights the speed of the solid state drive and 3D audio.

What is interesting is that Sony claims that some compatible games can be enjoyed with a frame rate of 120 per second. Also, 120 Hz support will be offered on 4K screens.

The console promises ray tracing and HDR technology to deliver « an incredibly vibrant and realistic color gamut. » In addition, PlayStation 5 will have 8K support for content, so it will be compatible with screens that have a 4320p resolution.

The company highlights its Tempest 3D AudioTech technology, which will offer a more immersive gaming experience. According to the details, the players will be able to enjoy “soundscapes” where they will feel that the sounds are coming from all directions.

It is mentioned that Tempest 3D AudioTech will be available in compatible games. Finally, the page reaffirms that PlayStation 5 will be available later this year. Surely Sony will talk more about these characteristics in future events.

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PlayStation 5 will be available sometime in late 2020. Find all the news related to the new generation console at this link.