Sony announces the date for the first PS5 restock for this 2021

On November 19, the new PS5 on European territory, one week after its official launch. The lucky ones were able to make their reservation through specialized stores or e-commerce portals. However, stocks were exhausted weeks before and today it will be necessary to wait for a second shipment to enjoy the new generation games.

But, to the surprise of many, Sony has announced the first restock of PS5 for this 2021. This has been communicated by specialized portals in the new console.

The first PlayStation 5 will arrive in Spain at the end of January

“Sony has announced the first resupply of Playstation 5 by 2021. Announced through the Sony Rewards Twitter account, the publication revealed that a limited number of its console will be available on January 15, ”wrote the account Hype Beast. This is a maximum of 4 million units that users can purchase until April.

According to these portals, the first PlayStation 5 would reach the British market this week already Spain possibly at the end of the month.

It should be remembered that there are two models of PS5 with different price. Last November, Sony released two versions of its new console. The digital one, priced at 399 euros and the one with a disc reader, which costs 499 euros.

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