Sony announces that the PlayStation5 will not be sold in physical stores

PlayStation5 has become a ‘trending topic’ on Twitter after Sony announced through the official PlayStation accounts that the PS5 will be sold exclusively online on the day of its launch. “All PS5 console sales on launch day, November 19, will be exclusively online. Units will not be available for sale in physical stores”, Communicated in a tweet PlayStation Spain.

The ad has been published in 11 different languages ​​and in all cases it has unleashed multitude of complaints and criticisms from thousands and thousands of users from all sectors. The debate has even been reopened with Xbox Series X.

It is in the Anglo-Saxon version of the statement issued by Sony where there are more details about the reasons why the company has made this decision. “In order to keep our gamers, retailers and staff away from COVID-19Today we confirm that all sales on the launch day will be made in online stores ”, the statement begins.

Sony: “Stay healthy, stay home and order online”

Likewise, the technology group asks its buyers to don’t camp the day of the launch in your trusted store to be the first to get hold of the console, something that has happened in past editions. “Stay healthy, stay home and order online”Insists Sony.

The company has also targeted those players who they have already placed their order and that on launch day they would only have to go to the store to pick up the PS5. In that sense, Sony has explained that they must pick up their console “at the designated time, according to the retailer’s security protocols”.

PlayStation announces that the PS5 will not be sold in physical stores.

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