Sony Announces Its Secret Project on Unreal Engine; not related to PlayStation

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Sony is much more than PlayStation and its various divisions are working on finding ways to make technology surprise consumers. One of them is a secret project that involves the Unreal Engine, but lacks a direct relationship with PlayStation.

As part of its plans for CES 2021, Sony announced the creation of Sony Immersive Music Studios. It is a division focused on the “development of immersive musical experiences through the power of creativity and technology”.

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The first fruit of the division led by entertainment industry veteran Brad Spahr was seen at CES 2021. It was a performance by Madison Beer, singer and songwriter, who in partnership with Verizon used a virtual avatar to present songs of his new album. This presentation was made in Unreal Engine.

Beer’s presentation will be available for virtual reality devices such as PlayStation VR and Oculus VR on different video and music streaming platforms. His debut is expected to be sometime in winter.

Without a doubt, it is news that shows us many things. The first is that part of the future of musical presentations could be in the virtual world with presentations like Beer’s or things like concerts in Fortnite. The other is that Unreal Engine serves more than just making video games

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