One of the star themes of ‘La casa fuerte’ has been the alleged pregnancy of Fani Carbajo. The former participant of ‘The island of temptations’ was convinced that she could be pregnant since she is having unprotected sex, had been nauseated, vomited and was experiencing changes in her body. Finally, the test result was positive and therefore many of his colleagues accused him of having invented it all to play in the reality show on Telecinco.

Cristian Suescun and Sonsoles Ónega in ‘La casa fuerte’

Among the most critical was Cristian Suescun, who did not hesitate to make an unfortunate joke live regarding the coronavirus COVID-19. « Do you know what Sonsoles is up to? My menstruation has not decreased but I have been feverish for two days, the same is the virus that has given us because Cristina has been feverish for two days …« He affirmed, trying to ridicule Fani. A joke that did not sit well with Sonsoles Ónega, who did not hesitate to scold him live for what he had said, while many Internet users did not hesitate to charge Sofía’s brother for this joke in reference to the virus.

« We are not going to match these things because she has already shared the result with Spain and with all of you, maybe the headache will give you something else « , the presenter rebuked, referring to the infidelity that Suescun has committed with Yola Berrocal and that the cameras of the program were able to capture live. But the thing did not stop there and it is that minutes later, and possibly to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, Ónega confirmed that Cristina has not had a fever either and that it was all a simple joke from Suescun. Thus, there is no contestant with any type of symptom of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

No contact between contestants and team

The presenter took the opportunity to deny another of the issues that had been discussed in the program and that could put into evidence the safety of the team and the contestants. Fani Carbajo affirmed that the bathroom that the participants of ‘La casa fuerte’ use is the same one that the team also uses, something that Ónega also denied. This explained that measures are always taken to avoid any kind of rapprochement between contestants and team (who do leave the villa to make life in their homes), so that this stay is not shared either for avoid any type of risk in developing the format.