Sonos and Ikea will make decorative paintings with hidden speakers

The collaboration between Sonos and Ikea, which was born in 2019 with the Symfonisk line of loudspeakers, will have news imminently. According to a report by The Verge, both companies they are working on decorative pictures with hidden speakers. Of course, the objective would be to have a product that, in addition to fulfilling its function to beautify walls, could act as a speaker and even as a receiver of voice commands.

According to the aforementioned medium, the project is known internally as “Titan” Let’s forget about Apple’s autonomous car for a moment. There are some images of the product, although The Verge chose not to share them. Also, it is unknown if Sonos and Ikea will offer the entire decorative box or just the module with speakers -or both-. If it were only the second option, it would be possible to exchange it between different pieces of art.

Another point to take into account is related to the power supply of the device. For some consumers, the integration of batteries would be ideal to avoid cables, however, apparently the decorative panel of Sonos and Ikea will follow a more traditional path. It mentions a power cord descending from the bottom of the frame. This, of course, would be a purely aesthetic disadvantage.

Sonos would reinforce the Symfonisk line

The source complements its report by pointing out that the decorative paintings will be part of the Symfonisk line. As mentioned above, this one saw the light during 2019 and for now it only offers a couple of products: a lamp with built-in speaker and a speaker that can serve as a shelf. They can be obtained for 179 and 99 euros, respectively. Beyond serving as decorative elements for the home, they incorporate the excellent sound quality that sets Sonos apart.

Speaking about the Symfonisk lamp, The Verge indicates that Sonos and Ikea will renew the product, although there is no information about their news so far. Of course, it would keep the price of the first version. And when it comes to the bookshelf, it seems that will be replaced by the decorative boxes with hidden speakers. If we listen to the story that Sonos herself shared on Instagram, then it is possible that your presentation is right around the corner.