Sonos and Ikea will hide their new smart speakers: they will go after decorative paintings | Technology

The new smart speakers that are close to launching Ikea and Sonos are hidden under decorative frames and may arrive very soon.

When buying a smart speaker, different factors are taken into account that do not always have to do with performance. The design and how they will be in the home are also important aspects, but with the new models of the Symfonisk line this may not happen when hide behind decorative paintings.

Sonos and Ikea have been working on the different Symfonisk smart speakers for two years, and their next models seem to be looking first and foremost at the remain out of the view of users and occupy as little space as possible. To achieve this, they have devised a system that hides them behind decorative paintings, according to The Verge.

There are some doubts about what these devices and their extras will be like, but first of all it is to inform that a near launch is expected, maybe before summer. Some images have even been leaked, but the veracity of these is doubted.

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For now It is unknown if only the support with the module that incorporates the speakers will be sold or if the work will also be included behind which it will hide. One of the options that are valued is that you can buy the support and change the image whenever you want, updating it without moving the structure, although this aspect has not been filtered.

It has not been confirmed how the device’s power will be, although everything indicates that it has a cable that is plugged in and does not run on batteries. At that point some of the desired invisibility is lost, but having to move it to charge or change batteries seems somewhat cumbersome. Nor has information on other technical details been transferred.

This release is expected to go accompanied by the update of previous devices and a new bundle of matching products with decorative pictures. From what the most important US media in the sector seem to indicate, we will have news and perhaps the official presentation shortly.