The State Board of Health in Sonora approved new preventive measures against the coronavirus epidemic in the country, since they assure that those already implemented did not give the expected results.

Ahead of Phase 3 in COVID-19 infections, predicted by the state Secretary of Health (SSa) for mid-April 2020, in Sonora extraordinary preventive measures will be applied to encourage people to stay indoors.

The Comprehensive Operational Plan for Medical Care and Hospital Reconversion was one of the first authorizations. Presented by Clemente Baltierra, director of Health Hospitals in the entity, plans to use hotels, houses or lounges in Sonora as a center of attention to COVID-19. The Ministry of Finance would take care of the lease with strict medical security as a condition, according to the portal However.

On the other hand, new extraordinary measures were approved in the Contingency Plan. Stresses applying legal sanctions to Sonorans who do not abide by the quarantine order or to those who enter the state without keeping a 14-day isolation.

Too all outdoor recreational activities prohibited, so they will close parks, shopping malls, food businesses and tourist places. Nor can construction works continue except for hospitals, roads and essential infrastructure.

The measure that stands out is the payment of services through a strategy similar to “Today does not circulate”, using the INE credentials and different schedules, as specified in the Puente Project newspaper.

There will also be restrictions on the sale of fuel to vehicles with non-essential activities such as a private individual. It was even considered to extend this restriction to all people to force people to stay at home.

In terms of tourism the suspension of hotel activities in tourist destinations during the Easter holiday period was approved. 90% of the occupation will have to be canceled or rescheduled, while 10% will be rooms for the exclusive use of medical emergencies and essential economic activities.

Finally, the State Board of Health asked people to become aware of the importance of staying, as far as possible, inside your house until the infections start to go down and do not expose your life as much as that of your family.

In Sonora, according to the latest report from the local Ministry of Health, 29 people have already been confirmed with the disease. The distribution is as follows: 12 patients in Hermosillo, 4 in Cajeme, 3 in San Luis Río Colorado, 3 in Magdalena de Kino, 2 in Guaymas, 2 in Navojoa, 1 in Nogales, 1 in Huatabampo and 1 more in Sáric.

Also, the first recorded the death by COVID-19. This is a 29-year-old woman, a resident of the municipality of Magdalena de Kino, who suffered from diabetes and had no travel history.

The victim presented the first symptoms (cough and fever) on March 22, but did not respond to the treatment that was given; a medical unit of the IMSS of Nogales was hospitalized on March 28 with respiratory failure and pneumonia data and he was immediately tested; on March 30 he passed away, but death by COVID-19 confirmed on April 4.