Son of Kong would be the new MonsterVerse film, Adam Wingard is in talks to direct it

Since the first trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong – 85% fans knew perfectly well what to expect. In the end, the result was far exceeded and the excitement of the public, many who ventured to attend movie theaters after a year of confinement, proved to be enough to keep alive the idea of ​​the MonsterVerse. Unlike other projects that have tried to mimic the success of the Marvel Universe and failed terribly, the classic monsters managed to captivate audiences in no time. The definitive proof is that this latest installment broke records and the fact that there is already talk of a new title.

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Although Godzilla (2014) – 74% was warmly received by the public, Kong: Skull Island – 76% served to cement the type of action they wanted to show in these movies. On the other hand, Godzilla II: King of the Monsters – 41% proved that the public is still more interested in the interaction between monsters than in the human characters who seek to control them. Godzilla vs. KongFor all its flaws, it struck a good balance of all these issues. Although initially there was talk of a “closure”, we are all used to plans to change when the profits are juicy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production company Legendary you are already thinking of new steps to take advantage of the success of this franchise. According to rumor, the idea is that director Adam Wingard, in charge of Godzilla vs. Kong, repeat for a new project. This is not confirmed, as Wingard has many other jobs in the pipeline such as the Contra / Cara remake – 91% and the long-awaited adaptation of Thundercats, which if successful would also start a multi-million dollar saga.

Although it was said that the producer was trying to keep the information secret, the truth is that it is also known what the new contribution to this universe could be. The same source reports that the title of “Son of kong”Is the one that has been commented among those involved. Of course, for now there is no scriptwriter, no cast, or anything confirmed; and it is quite curious if this is really the path they want to take for a next film. Kong’s son is not something entirely new, as there is a 1933 film that covers this situation; however, the Kong they presented to us in this MonsterVerse part of a strong feeling of loneliness for being the last of his kind.

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On Kong: Skull Island It had already been explained that Kong has been alone since his youth, when the rest of his family was slaughtered by another of the monsters that inhabited the island. There is even a long scene in the “graveyard” where the bones of his parents were left. Thinking about how, when and in what way Kong could have a child sounds somewhat forced, but there are several years without covering in the history of the movies where a child could fit in.

On the other hand, and because of how Kong’s character ended in the last installment, it is also possible to think that the character will meet someone like him with whom he can have a child and start a family while trying to lead a calmer and more peaceful life. away from violence. If it happens in the future, we could also consider that a son would serve to introduce us to other monsters and perhaps thus we would enjoy a new generation in constant confrontation.

It is really too early to say that the MonsterVerse it will continue to go a long and successful path, but it seems to be something that many want. As many successfully raise their voices on social media, the obvious step for fans was to create a campaign called “Continue the MonsterVerse” which is also supported by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island. Wingard’s work helped show the world that he is a director whose work on Death Note – 40% should not be considered an example of his talent. It would be interesting to see him develop something else with these characters, but his growing fame could also mean the arrival of other directors for future sequels.

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