Son of Kimberly Loaiza is not JD Pantoja! as they claim

Son of Kimberly Loaiza is not JD Pantoja! as stated | Instagram

Rumors among celebrities will always remain current, it seems that the more successful a person is, the more criticism and negative comments he will receive, as recently where it was stated that Kimberly Loaiza’s baby was not the son of Juan de Dios Pantoja her husband.

It was through a video that was shared on a well-known YouTube channel called Es Neta where the aforementioned premise was affirmed.

You will surely be surprised by just hearing the title of the video: “They claim that the son of Kimberly loaiza Isn’t it Juan’s? / Juan’s brother is a Kenia Os fan “, the news of this was not shared from minute 5:38, we will share it with you right away.

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The video was shared on April 26 of this year, it currently has 12 thousand 742 views and you can see it on this channel where they continuously share news or alleged statements from Internet users regarding the couple whom they also call Jukilop, in addition to other personalities and influencers in the industry.

Being Kim Loaiza a recognized musical artist In addition to being a businesswoman, singer and model, any news related to her person immediately becomes a trend, as well as a hint towards her career or personal life causes her fans to react immediately, as happened recently with this video, which to date has 92 comments. and several of them are upset by the claims he makes.

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It should be noted that the driver assured that he could put his hands under the jurisdiction for Juan de Dios Pantoja and ensure that Juan de Dios Pantoja Loaiza is his son as well as Kima his first-born and that the rumors that some Internet users have shared is due to the fact that he has a greater resemblance to Kimberly than to Pantoja himself.

In fact, he mentioned that it seemed like a nice coincidence that Kima looked like the father and Juanito looked like the mother, without a doubt both children have the characteristics of their parents, however some fans of the couple who commented in yesterday’s publication , they assured that the title influenced a lot in terms of the perception of the news because it had no relationship with what the host said already in the content of the note, several Internet users called it a tabloid.

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In the video some photographs were shared making a comparison of Kimberly Loaiza with Juanito her baby, when he was approximately the same age and the resemblance to her is really marked.

Some netizens have affirmed among the comments that actually who the little one looks like the most Mini JD as they have baptized him, it is César Pantoja, Juan de Dios’ younger brother, another of the comments that were shared was that it is not precisely a child that should resemble the parents that in some cases it happens that it looks more like a relative and that in this case it could happen like this.

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Without really agreeing with what was shared in the video, many were dissatisfied with the information because in this case it did not show more data than is usually shared in the Es Neta publications, where it highlights comments that were made without However this time it was not.

The couple does not usually comment on these types of publications, they surely have more important issues to resolve, they also understand that being popular there will always be these types of situations, which over time both Kim and Juan have learned to ignore, as long as it does not affect them. in his career or private life it seems that it is the best