Son of Gloria Trevi infected, they say happened in Premios Lo Nuestro

Son of Gloria Trevi infected, they say happened in Premios Lo Nuestro (INSTAGRAM)

Son of Gloria Trevi infected, they assure happened in Lo Nuestro Awards | INSTAGRAM

Let us remember that this past February 18 the ceremony of the “Lo Nuestro Awards 2021” and for Gloria Trevi it ​​was a bittersweet event, because despite the excitement at being recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award, she also revealed that her son has just get C0vid-19.

So we can say that Gloria Trevi lived an intense night at the aforementioned awards, where she received the Lifetime Achievement Award and was cordially honored, the evening was going very well, however and unfortunately the happiness of the Mexican star is not complete, since her youngest son is infected with the virus that affects since last year globally.

The co-presenters of “Ours” They assured at the beginning of the gala that all the artists present had carried out their respective tests and had tested negative, in addition, it could be seen in the images that all preventive health measures were being followed to avoid all types of infections.

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It should be noted that a few hours before the award ceremony, the singer shared a tender photograph from her official profile on Instagram, hugging her son Miguel Armando, who is currently dealing with the condition, accompanied by the message: “I would like to be with you in these moments, I hug you with my soul, I love you “.

Later, on the magenta carpet of the show, Gloria Trevi confessed to feeling very moved and grateful with this tribute to her career, for her part the famous Puerto Rican reggaeton, Ivy Queen accompanied her on stage, singing both in a show full of feminine power.

For her part, the Mexican interpreter also delighted the audience with her greatest hits such as “Todos me miran” and “Cinco minutos”, however, the unfortunate news was shared by Gloria Trevi herself during her speech of acceptance of the recognition with which was awarded, right after her performance with Ivy Queen.

As expected, Gloria was moved to receive the award from her compatriot and friend Yuri, “Very excited and grateful. First of all, I want to offer this recognition to God that allows me to be here today alive and healthy despite all that we have gone through as humanity, “Trevi began, his voice charged with all the emotion of the moment. .

“I also want to dedicate it to my children because one of them has a birthday today and the other told me that he had c0vid, but they are warriors. I love them, Mommy is here,” he concluded in the most emotional moment of his participation in the ceremony, and the moved audience rumbled the venue with applause.

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Gloria Trevi appeared at Premio Lo Nuestro 2021 to perform her legendary song “Pelo Suelta” with Ivy Queen, with whom she gave a memorable performance, completely falling in love with the audience, demonstrating all her talent on stage.

In this way, Gloria Trevi had an unforgettable gala, full of great emotions, both positive and others not so much, but without a doubt her little one will recover soon, because as the interpreter mentioned, her children are warriors, and they will be able to fight this and more.

However, what worries now is that the singer was in direct contact with a considerable number of people, so it is possible that these days the respective test will be carried out again, just to stay on the sidelines and confirm or deny the presence of the virus in their bodies.