“Sometimes I am very selfish with her”

On Thursday February 18, Telecinco broadcast the fifth installment of ‘The island of temptations’, in which Sandra Barneda went to Villa Playa to offer the unique opportunity, to one of the boys, to be able to see your partner for ten minutes, live. Faced with that offer, the boys opted to choose Diego James Lover, since the Cantabrian wanted to know what path Lola Mencía had taken in her approach with Simone Coppola: if she had completely forgotten her boyfriend or if, on the contrary, she was sorry and remembered him.

Diego, moved by Lola’s tears in ‘The island of temptations’

« Things are not forgotten overnight, I still love her madly. But, on the other hand, I have in my head the things that I have seen and that she has said. I have an internal debate »Diego acknowledged, before the cameras, before learning about the decision of his colleagues to give him the privilege. « It can help him to make a decision about whether he can approach a reconciliation or cut radically, » said Manu González, like the rest of the boys in the village, who stated that « right now Diego needs him much more « . « I was moved when my colleagues chose me and I am extremely grateful for the fact that they gave me that opportunity, » declared Diego, « very nervous and very tense because what I’m gambling it’s a three and a half year relationship with the person who matters most to me in life. « The Cantabrian met alone with Sandra Barneda, at a time when Lola had begun to vent with Lucía Sánchez, alone.

« I can’t stop thinking about Diego, » acknowledged the Leonese, on . of tears, after which she admitted that « a point has come where I have regretted coming », something with which her partner agreed. « On a fucking whim, I screw up my relationship anyway »Mencía lamented, wanting « to have a conversation with Diego, because I need it. » « I can’t help but think that I can see her with Simone or that she’s not thinking about me at all, » said Diego, before the presenter turned on the TV so that she could see not only her partner, but also what the rest were doing. of the girls at the same time. « I think about when we started our story. We were really ideal. It’s my mouse, » Lola declared then, before breaking down in tears and receiving the consolation of Sánchez. « It’s very cold, but when he kisses me, he really gave it to me. I have not known how to value that either. That is why I have become infatuated, » reflected Lola, saddened, before which Lucia pointed out that « You’ve noticed and you can fix it. You haven’t done anything ».

« My mother always says to stop pride »

The images that Diego could see of Villa Montaña in ‘The island of temptations’

« I am afraid that he thinks I have forgotten him, » confessed Lola, to later remember that « we connected so much, we were so equal for some things, he has made me laugh so much … he is the person who has made me the happiest. » « I was wrong, I got carried away, I don’t know what happened to me », said the Leonese, before clarifying that « I was comfortable, I’m not going to lie. » « It may bother him, but that can happen in real life, that you go out one day and connect a lot with someone and do nothing, » said Lucia then, after which her partner tearfully acknowledged that « I need to see him, I need to hug him » , before Barneda interrupted the broadcast. « I see her wrong, but that, although it is contradictory, makes me happy because I see her repentant »Diego then admitted, adding, in a choked voice, that « sometimes I am very selfish with her, because she has also seen me doing something wrong and is thinking of fixing it. »

« All my life I have acted with everyone in a different way. When someone does something wrong to me, short. And in the end, you lose family, you lose friends … with my ex-girlfriend I behaved the same, I lost her because of that. makes me reconsider a little « said Diego, visibly affected, as Barneda herself observed. « She is a girl I have been with for a long time. My mother always tells me to show more, to put pride aside and I get angry with her when she tells me that », revealed Diego, who confessed that « I take life as if it were a jungle: to survive you have to be strong and tough ». « Although I get emotional like this, when I put myself back together, it is not that I am going to forgive her, because it will be difficult for me to assimilate what I have seen, » said the Cantabrian, to later recognize that « I am wrong » and be willing to hug Lola for having had her in front. « Maybe I need a talk, » Diego also acknowledged, once he met the rest of his classmates.