someone made a simulator for those who haven’t got the console

The PlayStation 5 has already reached the home of many, but if you were one of those who did not manage to get the console, here is a solution.

The PlayStation 5 console managed to reach the homes of many people, although unfortunately it was not possible to reach everyone’s home. So if you are like me and you were left with the desire to be able to get your hands on Sony’s newest console, so don’t pass up the chance to experience that excitement, even digitally.

It’s like real life

Being that getting the same PlayStation 5 is an emotion in itself, even if you do not have games to release the console, someone decided to create a very interesting simulator, which can help you feel first-hand the emotion of having a PS5 in your hands.

Through something similar to a game, which would be more like a simulator, we can play, indie developer Alex Grade decided to bring everyone the excitement of getting a PS5.

This PlayStation 5 simulator is based on the idea of ​​receiving your package at home, opening the box and connect the new Sony console to your screen, while you can see how this console is updated for long periods of time.

According to the same website, this simulator contains the following:

Completely realistic graphics despite not having RTX.
Physics almost everywhere (Newton wouldn’t be very happy with that)
Start playing with your PS5 before anyone else
Worst cabling handle included, just like in real life

So in case you were able to buy one for whatever reason, then this is the game for you, as well as being a very fun experience and without reason in many ways.

If you want to download this masterpiece of contemporary simulation, then we leave you here the download link of this game. You know you want it, you can’t lie to us.