Someone has created a Spotify list to announce that they are positive for coronavirus

Saying by a WhatsApp group that the PCR test has tested positive for coronavirus is never a dish of good taste. Therefore, a boy has decided to reveal the news to his friends in a somewhat original way.

“I already took the tests,” he says in the conversation on WhatsApp. One of them replies “surprise us”. Said and done. The next message is a Spotify playlist called ‘I am positive’ containing songs that summarize what it means to have coronavirus.

With songs by Valentino, J Balvin, Sidonie or Melody, the names of the songs in order get the following list: “Hello / My people / The final result / It was positive / So … / Surely / All of you zombies / You are here / Contaminated / Be careful / Today I have a fever / And also / I find it difficult to breathe / If I die / I love you very much “.

It seems that, in addition, the aforementioned has created a new Spotify user for the occasion. His name on the streaming platform is “I’m Contagious.” Friends of the WhatsApp group, on the other hand, have not received the news so well. Some have not been clear whether or not they have coronavirus and others do not accept the black humor of the latest songs.

In any case, the Twitter user who has shared the play has managed to viralize the publication. In the social network it already has more than 5,000 retweets and 33,000 ‘likes’. “Can someone pass me the playlist?” Some ask.