Some vaccines may be more useful to countries than others

(Bloomberg) – With hundreds of millions of people now vaccinated against covid-19, the coronavirus outbreak should begin to disappear in places where a large part of the population has been inoculated. However, that is not happening everywhere.

Instead, two paths are emerging: in countries like Israel, new COVID cases are declining as vaccines spread, while in other places like Seychelles, which has fully inoculated almost its entire population, infections continue. rising or even reaching new highs.

One reason for this may be the different types of vaccine that are used. Evidence from global vaccine rollout indicates that messenger RNA vaccines developed by Moderna Inc. or Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE are better at preventing people from becoming infected, helping to reduce transmission, an unexpected added benefit in So much so that the first wave of covid was aimed at preventing people from getting seriously ill.

Other vaccines, while effective in preventing acute illness or death from covid, do not seem to have this additional benefit to the same degree.

“This will be a growing trend as the rest of the countries begin to realize that some vaccines are better than others,” said Nikolai Petrovsky, professor at Flinders University School of Medicine and Public Health in South Australia. . While the use of any vaccine “is still better than nothing,” he said, some doses “may have little benefit in preventing spread, even if they reduce the risk of death or serious illness.”

Studies conducted on millions of people in Israel immunized with the Pfizer-BionTech vaccine showed that mRNA doses prevented more than 90% of asymptomatic infections. That’s important, said Raina MacIntyre, an epidemiologist at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, because the ability of a vaccine to stop asymptomatic infection “is the determining factor of whether herd immunity is possible or not.”

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Herd immunity is generally achieved when the virus can no longer find any vulnerable host in which it can continue to spread.

Therefore, which vaccines will be applied in a country could affect everything from the policy on the use of face masks and social distancing, to the lifting of border restrictions and economic reactivation, given the influence that daily case counts have on Government decisions. For individuals, it means how soon they can regain the freedoms they enjoyed before the pandemic.

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