At least two star WWE superstars have decided this week not to return to the recordings at the Performance Center, due to the large number of positive cases.

During the week we reported that at least thirty people would have tested positive for COVID-19 this week, among wrestlers, cast, staff, production and public, which turned on red lights in WWE that soon had to cancel some recordings and return to plan the stories for the following weeks.

Star Fighters will not return until WWE meets their demands

Many employees were extremely unhappy, as last week producer Kevin Dunn was against the use of masks by the invited public, and even made some very unfortunate comments.

It is reported that some stars have made WWE a condition for their return, that absolutely all those who are not live, properly use the mouth mask as a preventive measure.

The company has had to listen and that is why since the recordings on Friday, mouth covers were distributed to the public, but there are still several high-ranking employees who refuse to use it.

Finally, the company will have to make decisions and set rules so that its stars can return to work feeling safer.

Huge discontent was also reported for the participation of Ric Flair, an older adult who has been delicate in health recently, and although it was he who decided to accept the deal, many think that in WWE prudence should have fallen to refrain from inviting him.

Part of the conditions for several workers was to remove Ric Flair from the stories of the company for a time and it seems that the WWE has accepted, since it is not planned that Flair will return to the television of the company until the pandemic is controlled .

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