Some shows reopen in New York, with all the care

The theater also “represents more than 100 billion dollars annually (for the city), so it has to come back for many reasons,” said the mayor. While waiting for the opening of more prestigious venues, New Yorkers can go to laugh in a few rooms dedicated to ‘stand-up’.

Attending these shows, with only one person on stage and the audience seated at tables, “is like going to a restaurant,” said Emilio Savone, owner of the New York Comedy Club, satisfied to have sold all the available seats for this first night.

Since the closing of its theaters in March 2020, it has made up the losses as best it could with rooftop renderings of private buildings.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio attended the off-Broadway reopening of ‘Blindness’. (Helen Maybanks)

This is not a spectacular reopening, but the return to theaters is expected to be gradual. Well, in addition, the rate of Covid-19 infections remains between six and seven percent in recent days in New York, with the arrival of the British and Brazilian variants and despite an important advance in the vaccination campaign.

Other restrictions were also recently lifted in the city, especially in restaurants or stadiums. “If we look towards the fall (last boreal), I think there has been an awakening” of the shows, Poots said.

“But that said … I think it would be very naive not to think that there is a risk and that if the pandemic increases significantly, then we will have to pause,” he added. After more than a year of closure, Savone, meanwhile, assured: “If we overcome this, we will be able to deal with whatever may happen.”