Some projects out of the ordinary

The industry most represented in this week’s ads is retailers, with brands like Gucci and Christian Louboutin.

However, there are also several beer companies represented on this ad list, with Heineken and Miller Lite

In contrast, the industry that is least represented in this list of ads is technology, with only Android

With only a few weeks remaining for this 2020, there are two clear trends in the most prominent announcements of the last few days. First, Christmas. Although it is not yet December, the brands are already preparing for the last stretch of sales for the year. But also, after a year of health crisis, companies are trying to create unusual commercial messages to get the attention of audiences. And these spots are a sample of all that:

Toyota – Unlock Your Freedom

One of the great promises of the home office is to be able to combine work with free time in order to better enjoy life. This Toyota spot is one of the ads that takes this narrative and uses it to promote its products. The experiment is eye-catching, because it helps to combine post-pandemic reality with a positive message that could enhance the entire appeal of the auto industry. So it’s an interesting effort for the new normal.

SodaStream – The Small Things

Celebrities are always a safe bet for commercials, especially when it comes to such interesting figures as Snoop Dogg. This simple spot is practically impregnated every second by the artist’s very interesting and unusual personality, which makes it a much more striking video. The fact that the obvious commercial message is not until the end of the spot, but has small subtle details, makes it a very attractive project.

Android – Being Human Is…

More and more brands are moving away from obviously commercial videos and more focused on creating interesting and entertaining content. The Android ads for the Being Human Is… series are a perfect example of this trend. With the use of the documentary format, not only can Google’s mobile operating system services be promoted. At the same time, a deeper connection with consumers can be created in the long term.

Heineken – Holidays As Usual

One of the intentions of the brewery during its latest announcements has been to resume, little by little, and in a responsible way, pre-pandemic socialization. This spot is part of this goal. The brand is also gearing up for the holiday season, evident from the ad’s theme. While it is a bit out of the question to expect the image you are painting in the commercial to come true, it is a hope that will help you connect with your audience.

Gucci – Gucci Gift 2020

Nostalgia is a powerful weapon in any type of commercial, and this Gucci video is a clear example of that. Throughout the video, the brand is responsible for displaying its products in each frame of the recording, both in the articles and in the actors’ clothing. This alone is a good promotion for your business. But the fact that you have mixed Christmas and the appeal of the past allows you to create a much more attractive image for the audiences.

Christian Louboutin – The Holiday Countdown

Creating out-of-the-box ads is a sure way to get attention. But there is a big difference between breaking the mold of the more traditional spots and what this brand is doing for its Christmas strategy. The idea of ​​using a fake show to promote your collection for the end of the year is an idea that is rarely seen in the market. In addition to being a mockery of late-night or morning shows, it’s unique enough to go viral.

Miller Lite – Farewell, Work Holiday Parties

While many seem to miss the pre-pandemic holiday parties, other brands acknowledge that not everyone was looking forward to all the common gatherings. This is one of the few ads that has just this focus. Technically, it’s a pretty good spot, especially for the shots that perfectly reflect the chaos of certain office celebrations. And also, it is an excellent promotion both for the brand and for its curious expo.

Liberty Mutual Insurance – Something To Help You Remember

Breaking the mold of common ads is not easy. And it is not easy to turn around the clichés that other companies use over and over again without falling into those same common places. However, the effort of this brand is good enough to make fun of other companies in the market. The example of the use of nostalgia even applies to spots on this same list. But there are even more great examples on the Ads of The World page.

ViewSonic – The Finchers

Again, the best way to promote products and services seems that it is no longer to create common ads but more content, focused on the area of ​​entertainment. The Finchers series is a perfect example of this. The project could continue for the long term as a series of mini-episodes where the brand’s products continue to be highlighted. While the trailer is good, the project as a whole also has notable episodes.

IKEA – What Dose Home Smell Like?

Slowly the Swiss brand has begun to create consumer campaigns that connect with users on a deeper level than one might expect from a furniture company. The video in question this week uses a nearly two-minute video just to promote a scented candle. But the way it sets the overall narrative is an amazing way to connect with consumers. And the final message of the project is quite well achieved.