The Big Bang Theory: Some Plot Bugs No One Noticed | INSTAGRAM

As this is a series with approximately 10 years of transmission, it is very common that some details regarding production, such as small plot errors, have been overlooked from time to time, and some of these are not so easily noticeable by the public.

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More for the simple fact that the series as it is, revolves around the lives of theoretical physicists, which makes it a little difficult for all users to realize these errors, unless they know about the topics to which they refer .

And it is that, among so many existing comedy series, The Big Bang Theory has been one of the most appreciated by the public during its 12 seasons, in which a group of scientists narrated their daily situations in which they talked about series, movies, video games and comics.

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However, this time we prepared a list of some errors that the series projected during its long transmission, which, perhaps, you did not manage to perceive at the time.

A mistake seen in chapter 2 of the second season since the beginning of the episode, is when Sheldon had complained about the Renaissance fair, he mentioned that it was fraught with historical inaccuracies, arguing that in 1487 the laws for Bavarian beer they seriously limited the availability of mead.

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This caught the attention of some fans, connoisseurs of the subject, and took on the task of indicating that the best-known version of that law was not introduced until the year 1516 and not 1487, which only defined the price and ingredients of beer, and was not related to other types of drinks.

Another time, in Chapter 5 of the ninth season, Sheldon was scared when a bird landed on his window and did not move, referring to him as a tile, although despite the bird’s appearance, it really was a magpie. black farm.

Another, this is Amy, and the detail occurred in episode 9 of season 3, where she said that when she was ice skating, Sheldon Googled the symptoms of hypothermia, the detail is that this would not have been contradicted if She would not have claimed a season ago that she cannot ice skate because her ankles are abnormally brittle.

One more mistake that you may not have noticed was in chapter 2 of the first season, this happens when Sheldon and Raj enter into a debate about two well-known actresses within Indian cinema, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit.

Perhaps that conversation could show them as high connoisseurs of Indian cinema; However, a fan of the series could see that the song that was playing on television during their debate was by Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, about a Bollywood film in which neither of the two actresses they mentioned participated.