Several NBA general managers continue to try to allay concerns among staff members who say they do not feel safe when they attend the bubble in Orlando (Florida) during the coronavirus pandemic for the restart of the season, as some of them are at an age with greater risk or health problems … or both


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General managers said out of the microphone that they have spoken to their employeesThey should feel no pressure to attend if they are not comfortable for whatever reason and should not feel insecure about their jobs if they cannot attend.

Such conversations are complicated, CEOs said, noting that employees may feel that their commitment to the team will be viewed differently, jeopardizing their job security. In the same way, some employees may want to go, but their age or health problems put them at risk.

Concerns have increased due to Growing Florida Case Numbers. Coronavirus cases have increased fivefold in the past two weeks. A general manager, who spoke on condition of anonymity, explained that the message to his staff was: « You have the rest of your life … don’t worry about how it will look » (not attending).

The contagion issue hovers over the restart of the league in a country in which almost 130,000 people have died due to the pandemic, and senior executives say it is an inescapable factor, whether indicated directly or not, in attendance discussions.

« It’s on everyone’s mind, but nobody says it, » admitted T.O. Souryal, who worked as a doctor for the Dallas Mavericks for 22 years and therefore knows fully all the protocols of the self-proclaimed ‘best league in the world’.

As the teams prepare to go to Orlando next week, with most scheduled to arrive July 7-9, other key questions remain within teams, such as « How many positive cases can a team tolerate before it is not competitive? » he asked. Souryal. « How many infections can the league tolerate before being forced to stop playing again? « he said.

T.O. Souryal, former Dallas Mavericks doctor | TWITTER

A persistent question among the officials who will attend to the players in the bubble focuses on what happens if a player tests positive for the virus and does not necessarily make a full recovery after a two-week quarantine period.

« From a medical point of view, if you contract a case and have a fever and chills, even if you are not hospitalized, I can’t imagine they would recover to be able to participate in an NBA-level game, « Souryal said.

« If someone contracts it, it’s out. Now if someone tests positive and is asymptomatic and quarantined for two weeks, that’s a completely different case. But at the moment there are many moving parts, « he added.