Some iPhone 12 mini users report touchpad issues

Several users of the iPhone 12 mini have shared their complaints regarding the touch panel of the 5.4-inch terminal, which does not record the keystrokes that are made at the bottom of the screen in the lock interface.

iPhone 12 miniThe iPhone 12 mini is really small, being even smaller than the iPhone SE of 2020.

The problem affects the time of unlocking the terminal, because after validating FaceID we must slide from the bottom up on the lock screen to access the home screen. Due to the error this action is not carried out.

Fortunately the problem is limited exclusively to the iPhone 12 mini lock screen, and once the iOS home screen is accessed, the problem disappears, which suggests a software error and not a hardware error. According to those affected, the problem occurs in users with and without tempered glass on their screens, so it is not linked to the use of a screen protector on the iPhone.

iPhone 12 mini in caseApple presented the 5.4-inch model in a small briefcase, being one of the most anticipated novelties of this generation.

At the moment there is no type of solution or shortcut to overcome the problem. However, given that the incident appears to affect a significant number of iPhone 12 mini users, we do not believe that Apple will take long to release a software update that fixes this annoying bug.

We remember that the first units of the iPhone 12 mini reached the earliest buyers last Friday, November 13, so we are talking about an error that would come with the terminal. Whatever it is ultimately, in any case users are covered by both the warranty and the right of purchase withdrawalTherefore, despite the incident, all those affected will find, even in the case of a hardware problem, a solution in one way or another.

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