Honor has a couple of phones in the oven, the Honor 30 and Honor 30 Pro They must land with full-power specifications and a camera equipment inherited from the latest Huawei P40, the models of the ‘mother’ brand of the Chinese firm. And as the release date approaches, we learn more and more about them in the form of leaks and official data.

The last thing that comes to us has to do with its possible processor, because nothing can be considered official until the brand itself announces it. The Honor 30 and Honor 30 Pro They would equip a new Huawei Kirin 985 that has not yet been presented, although some of its main characteristics have just been leaked.

Eight cores, dual NPU

Apparently, and with the data leaked in hand, the Kirin 985 for these Honor 30 and Honor 30 Pro would be a more advanced brother of the Kirin 820, resembling it in some of its characteristics. For example, when mounting a three core clusters, one with a high-power solo core, another with a pair of cores also powerful but with lower clock speed and a last quad-core cluster for energy savings.

This configuration, which we have already seen reach the market in quite a few models, would have a Cortex A76 core running at 2.58GHz in front of everything. The second cluster would be three Cortex A76 cores at 2.4GHz clock speed, and would shut down with four Cortex A55 cores at 1.84GHz for less demanding tasks, among other things.

Eight cores in three clusters and a dual NPU for the older brother of the Kirin 820, and the younger of the Kirin 990

Also, this CPU core system would be supported by an external chip located in the SoC, a Dual NPU with DaVinci architecture, which we have already seen debut on board the Kirin 990 but now would have one less core. Of course, one more than the solo core of the Kirin 820, so we would talk about it being located in an intermediate step between both models.

In principle, the Honor 30 should hit the market next april 15 Although the brand has not yet made the date official. We remain waiting while the two terminals, because for now they seem to be only a couple to accompany the Honor 30S, continue to leak. We already knew their cameras, now we know what their processor will be.

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         Some data from the Kirin 985 anticipate the arrival of the Honor 30 and Honor 30 Pro