This we did not see coming. Jon Prosser claims we will see some Apple Glass edition “Steve Jobs Heritage”, something like a limited version of the glasses and inspired by those worn by the founder of Apple. This has given rise to a small fight between filters, since Mark Gurman, who has described these glasses as “a complete fiction”.

Apple Glass like Steve Jobs’ glasses

Apple is working on a pair of augmented reality glasses that look like the ones Steve Jobs was wearing, streak filter Jon Prosser told Cult of Mac.

Called the “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition,” this limited version of the Apple Glass would be round like the classic style worn by John Lennon. Cupertino would position it as a special edition of the core of augmented reality glasses, similar to the Apple Watch. Original gold edition of $ 10,000.

The most complete leak on Apple Glass to date is the one that Prosser painted a few days ago. According to the youtuber, Apple Glass will cost $ 499, with glass graduation apart. But in that video he did not say anything about a special edition of Apple Glass. It is certainly a very interesting possibility. The Apple Watch debuted from the beginning with three collections differentiated by the metal from which they were made: aluminum, steel and gold. The latter called Edition and with prices ranging between $ 10,000 and $ 17,000.

This version responded to the materials used in high jewelry watches. Although Apple could release some Glass Edition, we can rule out that they are made of some exotic material in the world of glasses, as is gold. However, fashion is still a fundamental aspect of a wearable, as the Apple Watch has shown.

Therefore, the existence of different flavors of Apple Glass falls within the predictable. Prosser claims the main model will look like a Ray-Ban Wayfarer with clear lenses (apparently, the technology still can’t be adapted to models with sun lenses). This model is would join him the so-called Heritage with circular lenses like the ones that characterized Steve Jobs.

Having said that, also expecting different colors and materials is also likely. What’s more, it would be an essential aspect for its adoption, as it happens with the Apple Watch.

Two filters face to face: Prosser and Gurman

But not everyone agrees with Prosser’s information. As can be seen below, Mark Gurman has a very clear idea about some Apple Glass Edition like the ones suggested by the youtuber.

For Gurman, these rounded glasses in honor of Steve Jobs are “complete fiction.” Nor does it lend credibility to the information released over the last week about Apple Glass. A clear reference to information released by Prosser recently. Prosser was not silent and responded by assuring that he had a lot of respect for Gurman, which “makes him even better.” And he ended his message by replying “we’ll see each other next year”.

Gurman has then responded by trying to shed some light on the matter. Here’s where you think the confusion may come from: that there are two glasses-like devices yet to be revealed. One of them would be a mixed reality glasses (RA and RV) called N301 and release date in 2021 and others of augmented reality type alone and called N421 that would see the light in 2023.

At the moment, there is no way of knowing which of the two filters is correct. We should see any hint in the six months from October to March 2021, at least.

         Some Apple Glass “Steve Jobs Edition”, the tug-of-war between Prosser and Gurman