Solution: Windows Photos app is too slow

When Windows photos app runs too slow, we have to find the solution as soon as possible. We cannot deny that it can be too inconvenient and a great waste of time, that the Windows photos application takes all the time in the world to open a simple image file.

It can be quite an annoying problem, especially if we have to open multiple images. Perhaps we have to go through different photos to edit or send them by mail and we want to be sure which one we like.

Imagine that we have to see more than 10, 20, 30, etc. But it turns out that the Windows photos app is too slow. What can we do?

Windows photos app won’t open images

What we can do is reset app data. For this we will have to go to “Settings” by pressing Windows + i. Then we will have to go to System> Applications and functions.

In this list we will have to find the app we want to restart. We click on it and we will have to click on “Advanced options”. Once we are in advanced options we simply click on “Restart”.

A small message appears where we are going to have to confirm by pressing “Reset” again and that’s it. reset app settings.

Install another image viewer

Although it would not be the ideal solution, installing another image viewer we forget about the problem forever. There are countless photo / image viewing software, so this is another alternative to consider.

The important thing is to find free software that is light, fast and, above all, that is easy to use and that supports the vast majority of image formats.

You can also opt for an image editor, such as Gimp, which although it is heavier than a simple image fisor, will give you infinite possibilities to treat images, such as adding add-ons to work with images, conversions, resizing images, cropping , rotate and mark the images. So it is an extremely useful and complete app.

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