Solution: I can’t move desktop icons in Windows 10

Yes you can’t move desktop icons in Windows 10, this article will be very useful, since we bring you the solution to this striking problem. Surely you tried to move an icon to another section of the desktop and you find that it is impossible to do so, the icons return to their initial positions.

So, we find the desktop automatically organized by Windows and we can’t do anything?How we solve it? Next, we are going to see what we need to do to be able to move the icons on the Windows 10 desktop freely.

I can’t move desktop icons in Windows 10

A little further down, we are going to try several methods to try to solve the problem:

Test the mouse or touchpad. Disable automatic icon arrangement. Uninstall any desktop organizer program. Reset folder options. Change screen resolution. Set scale size for text, apps, etc. Change icon size. on the desktop Change the spacing between icons via registry Disable permission for themes to change desktop icons Update graphics driver

A little further down we will see in detail each of the points mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Test the mouse or trackpad

This is a simple test to verify that the mouse or touch panel of our computer works as it should. Especially if the left and right buttons, the center wheel and the scroll wheel, etc. work.

Open a notepad and then write any kind of text. Try to select said text with the left click and then right click, a context menu should appear. Try scrolling up and down with the mouse wheel. If the buttons work, then we move on to the second method.

Turn off automatic arrangement of desktop icons in Windows 10

Possibly this is the reason why you cannot move the icons on the Windows 10 desktop. To deactivate the automatic organization of icons you will simply have to right click on a blank space on the desktop and you will see that a context menu appears.

You will simply have to move the mouse over the “View” option and then verify that the “Automatically organize icons” option is not activated. If so, disable it.

Uninstall desktop organizer program

Many people install software to organize desktop shortcuts and icons. If this is your case, perhaps you should try uninstalling it to verify that it is not causing problems.

Reset folder options

Another alternative we have is to reset the folder options, it can solve our problems.

For this we will have to press the Windows + E keys. Then we will go to the “View” menu and click on “Options”. Next, we will go to the “General” tab and in “Folder options” we will click on ” Restore default values ​​”. Then in the” View “tab we will have to click on the” Reset folders “button. To finish press” Apply “and then” OK “.

Modify screen resolution

Open “Windows Settings” by pressing the “Windows + i” keys and then go to the “System” section and open “Display”. Here you can change the resolution of it, change to the recommended size.

Resize text and apps

Another possible solution would be to resize or scale text and applications. For this you will have to open “Windows Settings” by pressing the “Windows + i” keys. Then we will have to access the “System” section and then “Screen” here you can modify the “Scale and distribution”.

Resize desktop icons

In case you have too many icons on the desktop and their size is too large. Then you will have to resize them by right clicking on an empty area of ​​the desktop. Then we will go to the option “View” and you can change its size.

Change icon spacing from Windows Registry

If we have Windows configured so that it has too much space between the icons, they will not move. Then we must use the Windows Registry to modify it. Before modifying the registry, we recommend that you create a system restore point or a backup.

For this we must navigate from the left sidebar until we reach “WindowsMetrics”: HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Desktop WindowMetrics

Once we are in “WindowsMetrics” we must go to the section on the right and double click on “IconSpacing”. The default values ​​are -1128. What we must do is enter values ​​between -2730 to 480. The more value we have here, the more space there will be between icons.

After changing the values, we must restart the computer for these to take effect.

Prevent themes from changing desktop icons

If you have a theme installed in Windows 10, it is quite likely that this theme is causing these problems. From the “Desktop Icon Settings” in “Themes” found in “System” in “Windows Settings” you can modify this.

When you click on “Desktop icon configuration” a new window will open, we have to uncheck the option that is under everything and then click “OK”.

Update graphics drivers

In case you have the outdated graphics drivers. This can also cause us to have problems when moving the icons. But it can also cause many other problems in the operating system. We recommend that you always keep all your computer’s drivers updated.

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