Solidarity Concert! You can not lose this

Today we present you an event that you are about to live and that is real will be simply epic! do you want to know what is it about? We refer to nothing more and nothing less than the EMMR Student Solidarity Concert. We tell you all the details of this concert that can be seen internationally and globally here in Music News.

The reality is that this Student Solidarity Concert has to do with the Suzuki chair and is led by Professor Federico Abelli. The event has a cost of $ 500 and the registrations and accesses along with prices can be reviewed in this link, ebdssbonlinesearch & keep_tld = 1

The event will be taking place next Tuesday, July 6 at 6:00 p.m. and of course the event is completely online, we talk that this Solidarity concert of students will be completely digital due to the pandemic and covid issues that we continue to experience today. Remember that we must continue to take care of ourselves if we want to protect our own.

This solidarity concert has little reimbursement. What will it be about? The reality is that this concert is in charge of boys and girls who study with the Suzuki method with the pianist Federico Abelli, and they are inviting them to participate in this wonderful experience!

The great news of all this is not only that you will be able to enjoy the event but that you will also be able to participate and collaborate with an Education project where Children are the protagonists of the future.

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