Soler reached the finish line with both arms broken

06/26/2021 at 9:49 PM CEST

The profession of cyclist involves many sacrifices. And also pain. Very few people, probably only a professional rider, would endure on a bike for 46 kilometers with both arms broken. Is what you have done today Marc soler after being one of the main victims in the first of the two massive falls that occurred in the first stage.

The Catalan runner has only endured one stage and, in principle, should not be operated on. Three are the fractures that were discovered in the revision carried out in the hospital: the two radio heads and the head of the left ulna, which would come to be the broken elbows of both arms, a black panorama to move on a bike and reach the goal, even if it was the last. When he was seen entering with a sore face It was already a sign that indicated that the Vilanova i la Geltrú corridor was suffering from something serious, the first Spanish casualty. The Movistar team was left without one of its important riders at the first change and now they will have to face the remainder of the Tour, all of it, with seven instead of eight riders.

Alejandro Valverde it also hit the ground, although this time it was in the second massive crash. He only suffered scratches on one arm, but once he lost contact with the main platoon he pulled veteran so as not to waste strength just because, thinking, perhaps that today he has a chance, if there are no more setbacks, on arrival at the Wall of Brittany, with a little more harshness than the wall of the Wolf’s Pit, where today he has triumphed alone to wear yellow Julian Alaphilippe after a powerful attack on the rest of the figures two kilometers from the goal. No one could follow him, not even Mathieu van der Poel, that with all his teammates affected by the fall, he had no one to place him in the ideal place and try at least to counter the world champion.

Fall in the Giro

Soler leaves the Tour, after a fall also separated him from the Giro where he led Movistar. As there is no displacement in the three fractures that he suffers, in principle, he could participate in the Vuelta. Soler was included at the last minute in the Tour by his team.

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