SOLAS 128 on the way to Nintendo Switch to the beat of Synthwave

A new game of puzzles approaches the Joy-Con console, it is about SOLAS 128, the first work of the independent developer Amicable Animal, formed by a single person, counting for its publication with the support of the publisher Armor Games Studios, known for having published other titles such as The Adventure Pals, Love is Dead or Pinstripes among others, and although he still has a bit left to see the light, never better, since it is scheduled to come out during the first quarter of 2021, at least we can already see what it’s about. Imagine direct a beam of light through intricate mazes, making use of different mirrors inclined to make it bounce and change its direction, all following the rhythm of vibrant Synthwave melodies, that style of music so lively that combines synthesizers with neon-punk visual elements; Well, that is what this title proposes to us during 150 interconnected levels, so that the rhythm does not stop. Through the following presentation trailer we can better understand what awaits us in this rhythmic game:

SOLAS 128 Trailer (Nintendo Switch eShop)

It all started with a glitch in the dark. An ancient mechanism, with a particular purpose, calls you. A puzzle of synthesized sounds, broken neon lights, and intricate interconnected systems. Only you can fix it, so relax and remember: everything is connected.

A puzzle | Hundreds of pieces
SOLAS is a synthwave-matched puzzle game about directing pulses of light through a dark and ruined setting. You must synchronize your movements with this neon machinery as you try to decipher the rules of this desolate world and the strange symbols that govern it.

SOLAS is made up of a single world, constantly evolving, without interruptions. The initial pulse that is born from the beginning will be the same that crosses each of its puzzles. Each room you solve forms a small part of the huge set. Every door you open opens up new paths to explore. Although your tests draw on the use of color, SOLAS has been designed from the ground up to be suitable for the color blind.

If you explore the dark enough, it can, and only can, that you discover the solution …

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● More than 150 interconnected puzzles
● A synthwave-inspired visual style in which music is the constant engine.
● Designed from the ground up to be suitable for the color blind
● A constantly evolving world: changes in one room will affect the following
● An original synth / chillwave soundtrack
● Hidden areas to discover and secrets to unravel
● No text, no dialogue: music and images speak for themselves