Soft drinks, ice cream, citrus fruits and alcohol in moderation. They can hurt your mouth!

06/01/2021 at 6:30 PM CEST

The arrival of the sun, the heat, in short, the good weather, usually comes accompanied by changes in the habits of life and in the diet. Weekend getaways are once again an option after the end of the state of alarm, and meals away from home also alter the eating routines that we have maintained throughout the year.

For this reason, dentists remember the need to pay attention to which typical summer foods are beneficial for oral health and which ones are better to avoid.

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According to him Sanitas Oral Health Study 2020, nine out of ten Spaniards are concerned about the state of their oral health. However, in daily care, there are still many who do not comply with the habits recommended by dentists, such as brushing their teeth three times a day, a habit carried out only by less than half of the population , as is the case with the use of mouthwash.

«For our oral health to be complete, in addition to being rigorous with hygienic habits such as brushing after every meal, the use of mouthwash and regular visits to dentists, it is necessary to maintain a diet that helps the teeth not deteriorate more than account. The food we eat, and the frequency with which we do it, have a direct effect on our state of health in general, but also on that of our teeth and gums, something that we must not forget “, explains Manuela Escorial, a dentist at the Sanitas Dental care management.

Faced with this situation, Sanitas dental experts have drawn up a list of a series of summer foods that can damage teeth and gums if consumed too much:

Citrus foods: summer encourages you to consume fresher foods and fruits, such as some citrus fruits. Peaches, Paraguayans, Lemons & mldr; But the acid contained in these products can erode tooth enamel, thus causing cavities and increasing tooth sensitivity. Soft drinks and carbonated drinks: it is already hot and nothing wants more than sitting on a terrace to enjoy a soft drink or a carbonated drink. Well, you must bear in mind that these types of drinks contain a lot of sugar and acidic substances that accelerate the appearance of cavities and erosive phenomena in the teeth.

Then what do we do? Well, experts recommend not taking them regularly and reserve their consumption for special occasions. Meanwhile the best option is to drink water.

Alcohol: for reasons similar to soft drinks, alcohol consumption in summer tends to intensify. However, its consumption generates dehydration in the body that directly affects the oral cavity, resecting it and reducing the flow of dental saliva, responsible for cleaning the mouth.

Consume it in moderation.

Sticky-textured sweets and ice creams: Viscous sweets like jelly beans, soft candies, syrups, or jellies have a high amount of sugar. But, in addition, that sugar adheres more easily to the recesses of the teeth and what makes it very difficult to eliminate when we brush our teeth. Something similar happens with ice cream, for this reason homemade sweets or ice creams are preferable, so that the amount of sugar can be controlled, or other foods such as dark chocolate. Green tea: it is a very chosen option because when taken cold it is pleasant, but , like everything, you have to take it in moderation. Dentists explain that an excessive intake of green tea can also be negative for the teeth, especially due to the tannins that can stain the teeth.

It can also cause dry mouth (although it can be counteracted with sufficient water intake) and alter the natural color of the teeth over time.

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