Marcos Nicolás González was convicted of the crimes of « minor injuries classified as gender violence, seriously outrageous sexual abuse, doubly qualified by the relationship and pre-existing coexistence. »

This Wednesday, a man was sentenced to 31 and a half years in prison for sexual abuse and neglect that caused the death of Sofia Neira when he was three years old, in February 2019, in the Rio Negro town of Lamarque.

In a judgment issued by Zoom, a Rio Negro court found guilty Marcos Nicolás González for the crimes of “Minor injuries classified as gender violence, repeated an indeterminate number of times; Seriously outrageous sexual abuse, repeated, doubly qualified by the relationship and by the pre-existing coexistence « .

The charges also included “Corruption of minors aggravated by the age of the victim and because the perpetrator is a cohabiting person and guardian; disobedience to a court order and abandonment of person followed by death ”.

González is the former partner of the victim’s mother, Janet Neira, who was also convicted last June, he was sentenced to 24 years and seven months in prison for « uncontested knowledge » and for « collaborating » in the events that led to Sofia’s death.

According to the judicial investigation, February 1, 2019 the girl was admitted to the Lamarque hospital guard and by Due to the seriousness of her physical condition, she was referred to a sanatorium in General Roca, where she died three days later.

The court composed of Laura Pérez, Oscar Gatti and Verónica Rodríguez he considered as aggravating the various “production mechanisms” of the injuries that the girl presented, the distribution of those injuries practically throughout her body and the “humiliating and humiliating acts” that surrounded those blows.

Too they evaluated « as unavoidable data the three years of age of the victim, totally vulnerable and dependent. »

Likewise, they computed “the dominance of the situation that González held at all times, the use of objects to increase the power of aggression, the paralyzing fear that it generated in the victim and the way in which it induced the girl’s mother to to support the facts ”.

The victim’s mother, Janet Neira, was also sentenced last June to 24 years and seven months in prison for “uncontested knowledge” and for “collaborating”.

The court noted that the convicted person used “The framework of trust generated towards the mother to exercise clear power over the children, generating total isolation from the family group, avoiding any possibility of asking for help and intimidating the people who tried to defend the girl in the weeks before her death ”.

In that sense, it was considered as aggravating “The systematic aggressiveness during the months of coexistence of the accused with the girl, the escalation of violence and the sustained suffering it produced ”.

Furthermore, the court determined that “the victim’s life was reasonably normal until González’s appearance in October 2018, which implied a negative change and the installation of perverse behaviors in the lives of all the members of the family group ”.

« He is a man who has the necessary tools to assess the worthlessness of his behavior, has an aggressive, violent personality and maintained a clear attitude of indifference to the doctors who informed him of the irreversible seriousness that the girl presented when she was admitted to the Hospital de General Roca, ”the judges remarked.

The defense confirmed its intention to appeal the decision to the Challenge CourtTherefore, the ruling is not final, and González meanwhile will remain serving preventive detention in the Criminal Execution Establishment number 1 of Viedma.

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