Sofía Vergara regains custody of her embryos – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

The actress Sofía Vergara won the legal battle that her ex-partner, Nick Loeb, started against her for the custody of the frozen embryos, so she will not be able to use them without the approval of the actress.

A judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, United States, will grant a permanent judicial order that indicates that the businessman will not be able to make use of the embryos, without the approval of the actress: “There are sufficient reasons for a permanent precautionary measure,” he determined. the court.

The actress’s ex-partner would have decided to name the embryos so that they would be recognized as people, she even tried to open trusts, in addition to trying to bring the embryos to term.

The Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a previous lawsuit Nick Loeb filed for custody of the frozen embryos seven years ago.

In 2013 Sofía Vergara and her then fiancé decided to freeze the actress’s eggs to have the possibility of becoming parents.

However, a year later they decided to separate and he sued the actress for custody of the embryos assuring that he will rent a womb to make his dream of being a father come true, now she does not want to know more about it.