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Chance is the title of Sofía Reyes’ new single that you are going to love and the best of all is that she did not do it alone. We tell you all the details about this new single here in Music News.

The reality is that they say that nothing is chance, what do you think? I believe that nothing is a coincidence, and not only I say it, we all say it, everyone says it in fact, there are no coincidences, everything happens because of something, good things, bad things, whatever is happening to you, they say that everything goes through something.

Well, Sofía Reyes, this is precisely what she talks about, it turns out that Sofía Reyes did not make this single by herself, she did it in collaboration with Capó, this is Pedro Capó, an international artist who now surprises us with this wonderful collaboration with the beautiful and already known Sofía Reyes! It is that yes, that is the truth is that in the middle of the year we needed another single by Sofía Reyes to continue this almost quarantine.

Coincidence, it was released on June 24, and to this day it has more than 6 thousand reproductions, it does not even reach 24 hours that this figure rises and continues to rise.

There are no coincidences gentlemen! So if you recently met someone and you feel that they are the right person, or maybe not, but in the same way they are special, remember that all the people who come into our life go according to our process. And the reality is that it is no coincidence that you have met that person, that is why this song should be dedicated to that special little person.

Have you already thought about who? We leave you the link to the official video clip of Casualidad, a single by Sofía Reyes in collaboration with Pedro Capó! What a gem!

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