Sofía Castro rules out violence by Peña Nieto towards Angélica Rivera – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Since 2019, when Angélica Rivera and Enrique Peña Nieto divorced, the rumor emerged that there could have been violence on the part of the former President of Mexico towards the actress.

It was until today that Sofía Castro spoke about the issue when questioned in Venga la Alegría and clarified that her mother never suffered from any type of violence after learning that EPN already had a new relationship when they were still married.

“Not at all, it wasn’t like that, zero. I do not like to talk about the life of my sisters or the life of my mother because it is not right for me, “he said.

He also pointed out that for this reason he was encouraged to tell his own story then, “that’s why I told my own story and told what I wanted to raise my voice in favor of many women.”

Let’s remember that Sofía accepted at the end of 2020 that she was a victim of gender violence at the hands of an ex-partner, so she would like to continue giving talks about it to many women.

Sofía pointed out that her boyfriend Pablo has been an important pillar to tell about it and that what he suffered at 14 years of age has not taken away the dream of getting married, “my boyfriend told me, ‘don’t be sorry to tell what you experienced, everything what you went through is what it is today, Pablo and I have the same life plan, of sharing life together, of forming a family and it will happen when it has to be done ”, he declared.

Sofía assured that she currently feels very much in love, “the most important thing is to have a man who respects you, supports you, supports you, takes care of you, values ​​you as a woman,” she concluded.

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