Kalimba is a dog lover, but a question he asked about how to buy a canine of a particular breed and the answers he received from his followers questioning why he better not adopt one, ended in “a doggy” by the singer.

“I did not ask you if you thought that I should buy or should adopt, that point where they already fall into the ‘by god, why do you buy ?, why do you encourage ?, and shut up, really, shut up, I’m not asking for your opinion , I am asking them if they know a breeding ground for schnauzers or not, period, “said the Mexican.

It seemed simple: the artist asked if anyone knew of a dog breed of the ‘schnauzer’ breed. Among the responses some began to criticize him and tell him to better adopt one instead of buying it.

He explained that the last two dogs he had were adopted but that unfortunately caused health problems in the lungs and throat, the portals of the TV Notas magazine and the newspaper El Imparcial reported. Then he added: “I have my reasons for wanting to buy a dog.”

“Forgive me and no, because it is not an honest apology, for what I put in my previous story which I am not going to erase, but it is that sometimes it is very tiresome to live under constant criticism, I just asked if they knew a breeding ground for schnauzers “the artist insisted.

However, the debate continued non-stop until he could take it no longer and broke out annoyed, leaving many “with their mouths open” at the unexpected reaction.

Already calmer, in another clip of his stories he mentioned that he is normally a loving person, but he is already “tired”, the portal Infobae.com published.

Kalimba, 37, became known in the Dominican Republic and other countries outside of Mexico for songs like “Tocando fondo” and “No me quiero enamorar”.

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